Saturday, January 2, 2010

Ada apa dengan nama??

Kebosanan duduk di blik,aku wat satu test kt fesbuk nie..something related dgn name n this is the result..well,its just a test anyway..doesn't reflect anything or if it is,just coincidence..

(for some reason,it makes me laugh though..ahakz!!)

M - Makes dating fun (am i?)

O - has one of the best personalities ever (exactly!)

H - stick to one (definitely!)

A - crazy (errr..kind of)

M - Makes dating fun

M - Makes dating fun

A - crazy

D - a very good girlfriend or boyfriend anyone ever had (hope to be like one~~)

F - loves people wild and crazy adore you (what this suppose to mean?)

A - crazy

K - hot (hit the bull's eye!!)

R - funny (yezza!)

U - is loved by everyone (amin3~)

R - funny

R - funny

A - crazy

D - a very good girlfriend or boyfriend anyone ever had

H - stick to one

I - is really sweet & romantic (am i??ahakz!)

Well,what y'all think??its suits me well huh??especially the "K"..ahakz!!good day fella!!


sYeNgEt ke senget?? said...

4crazy??? sah gile! hahahha joke =pp

Muhammad Firdaus Bin Md Fauzi said...

gud one!
suke ini blog...
1003 mrkh untuk abg!

BIB'AH+_+ said...


sangat "sesuai".. hahahahahhaha...
u= is loved by everyone.. amin3x+_+

RuGGers |8| said...

ha3..sume jeles..fidot je sapoters aku..thankz bro!!he3

pESAwah said...

asal lak R=funni? ngeh~ puh3~

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