Monday, August 17, 2009

renungan buat abang...

ak xphm..sumpah dh jd ngan ko??
mmbr baek pn ko xnk pndg??bsr sgt ke slh die??bergegar ke dunia dek slh die??
ak tau ak xptt tls ni kt blog tp its reached my level..ko xlh expect org nk sujud kt ko mnx ampun..y sdh tu sdh r..bkn sng bg seorg manusia nk tndukkan maruah die mnx maaf kt org len.. n its not only once! xckup ke??ckp pe y kami perlu buat utk puaskan hati ko..?? ak pnh n still respek ko as teacher,brother, and friends but the way u treat us is totally unacceptable with all due respect sir..!!ko tau betapa kami menanti detik utk tgk ko di atas sana n rs perasaan bngge tu?? pnh ko tau??pnh ko tau betapa pyh nye 'mereka' stay up smpi 3@4 pg despite the fact that their fyp still didn't finish yet juz for the sake of preparing present for u??did u ever know how struggle her to walk through 3 different Jusco juz to find ur jacket??did u ever know that how excited we are B4 this when we look the sight of u??did u ever know how excited am i when u teach something new??did u ever know how sad we used to be when u leaved??did u ever know how struggle we are to strengthen the bond among us after u gone??did u ever know how struggle we are to ensure that we reached the level that people expect us to be??did u ever think the feeling of every single person in da family when u said "those" to us??did u ever know the answer of these question??

there are still 1000 of ques that i want to askedto be sincere..xkn sbb satu kslhn Allah takdirkan utk terjadi pd saat tu,ko nk lupekan segala kenangan dlu??kngn y pernah meruntun jiwa ko satu mase dlu??ak pnh tgk dgn mate ni cmne air mata ko menitik mmbri nasihat kpd hr ni mgkn ade air mate kami y menitik dek kerana perbuatan ko..xbnyk y kami mnx,plz be understanding..put aside ur ego for a moment for love sake..plz..juz wanna let u know that yesterday was the last performance for some of us which i believe u know who they are..hrpn ak hny satu,klu ko xnk pn xpe but kami satu family nk diorg berpisah dr kami dgn hati y tenang,riang mmbawa bersama kebahagiaan y diorg kecapi while they are in this family..u doing nothing but make things even worse with all due respect giving that kind of 'leaving' msg,not looking at ur best friend's face,to say such things to us,its not u at all..not at all..myb u've change but it is not the changes that we want to see from person that we treasure so much..perhaps the time has come for u to say sorry to those people who trouble themselves for u..i know u're upset but all of us did really learned something..n here again i'm say sorry for 5th time as far as i remember..its a brother job to advice his youngsters but to scold them harshly,i don't think it is...when they cry,u're there to comfort them..when they're in trouble,u'll be there to listen..when the see u n give u smthg,u should see and greet them properly,when they do commit mistake,you will forgive after they say sorry even once coz no matter how big mistake that they commmit,they are still u bro n sis...air di cincang xkn ptus beb..xkn skali kali...i have 6 brothers and none of the have all the qualification above for god sake..!!i'm hoping to find one when i joined this family but i'm wrong sir!!its not one but i found bunch of bro n sis that i dream of!!!

so sory (again) if there is harsh words i used in this post that might hurt u even a bit.. u once said to me, "aku harap ble ak dh xd nnti,ko n dak laki len akn jage sume akk2 n adik2 pompuan kite juz like ur own sis" n thats what i'm doing sir..juz want to let u know that there are still spaces for u in our heart to be sincere..once a family,forever a family..try to listen to others..

"sesungguh nya hujung lidah itu lebih tajam dr hujung bilah pedang"

smoge Allah membuka hati kite semua..amin3..salam alaik...

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rudy~ sabar k~~ skrg nie~~ ko jga kesihatan~

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