Monday, November 30, 2009

family outing to the end??

for all FO's fans,this is not a very good news that y'all would like to hear..
our beloved MC, Yoo Jae Suk is quitting from the show to spend more time with her wife who 5 month pregnant..
"We and the SBS are currently under a contract to film the episodes for Family's Outing until January of 2010.

We are not planning on extending it. Yoo Jae Suk had already shown us his desire to exit the program in September, and agreed to end his appearance next year. Yoo Jae Suk now needs family time for his wife, Na Kyung Eun, who is currently in her 5th month of pregnancy."

It's only MC Yoo himself that will be quitting the show - however, there is a 99% possibility the whole program will come to an end as well eventhough they still have Daesung,KJK as well as YJS,Kim Soo Roo and Hyori as main family member beside park siblings..

Well after all, how can Family Outing be Family without their resident joker? I guess it's now time for us to say his favorite phrase. Geut bye, Yoo Jae Suk.(slalu die cakap mase call sume FO's family members)

**best of lux MC YOO..

last moment with YeJin and Chunhee...

**Seriously,it became part of my life is great dissapointment to know that it has come to its end..sigh~


~KaZuHiMe~ said...


azam.blindside said...

damn laaaa~
tp xpe..
kalo ko rindu daesung kn rodi
ko dtg jo somban solatan ni

NuRuL~ said...

rudi!!! nape pic ak n sekai takdo kat atas blog ko~~ sob3~~ terasa di pinggirkan~~~~

RuGGers |8| said...

kazuhime: wuuu...T_T

azam: nk tgk KJK ko dtg rantau yo bai...

nurul: erk,ni ms umah cik amad hr tu..k.awin n aira pn xd dlm gmbr ni..jgn r tacing cikin..nnti aku tukar head gmbr...promiz2..he3

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