Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Soalan terjawab

banyak kali dh org tny soaan ni kat aku..since ketensenan study bistat semakin membelenggu..ak coretkan dekat post blog ak kali nie..

3 Things i hate the most:
1) jew (yossi benayoun,david beckham,benjamin natehanying and etc)
2) those when i asked about confirmation, thel'll said "xtau lagi r rudy" even i've told them about respective things a weeks before..come on guys, plan your life..a "yes" or "no" is much more appropriate than that "xtau" things..
3) my ball pen..to be sincere, all my pen xpernah cecah SEBULAN since i was in 2ndary schools..dont ask me why coz i dont know either..its either out of ink or i lost it..sigh~~

3 things i like the most:
1) food.
extra) study..ahakz!!

psst..4 those who have been waiting for the post that i promise, hold on ya coz the post needs me to upload some pic and it appears that the connection in UTP currently is bad.so, sabar naaaa....
salam sayang dari rudy...n_n


BIB'AH+_+ said...


sabar2.. sabar itu separuh drpd iman..

3tings i hte most:
1. makanan pedas..(pdhl org melaka)
2. makanan manis (bweek!!)
3. nasi lembik(siyz xtertelan)

hahahahaah.. cnclsion.. jgn benci makanan.. xbek!!!+_+

psst... bahu camne??+_+

RuGGers |8| said...

ahahaha..no 1 tu my feveret..(of coz ah,org n9 kot!)
y 2nd tu blh je klu tgh lapar..
y ke 3 tu,i've been ate that for 5 years in Maktab..so called nasi pulut..

nothing in common i guess..he3..so far ok je..xd wat hal lagi..n_n

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